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Welcome Michael Flanagan, PhD, MS, PA-C to practice staff

Michael Flanagan, PhD, MS, PA-CAllergy Associates of La Crosse is pleased to welcome Michael Flanagan, PhD, MS, PA-C to our clinic team! We are excited about our expanding team and the new services that evolve with each new addition.

Mr. Flanagan will focus his work with Dr. Mary Morris in helping her patients benefit from our treatment. He is excited to meet new patients and is
especially eager to help those with food allergies access effective treatment in a safe, convenient manner.

Michael earned his Master of Science in Medicine from Western Michigan University and his PhD in Immunobiology from Iowa State University. He was certified as a physician assistant in 2007 by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

Michael has extensive research experience, having served as Director of Research for Allergenics, Inc., where he worked on a project regarding mechanisms of oral tolerance. This work intersected with other projects regarding the safety and efficacy of bee venom immunotherapy. As the projects came together, it sparked his interest in allergies.

Michael has previous experience working in facilities where allergy shots were the only option. He saw how most patients with allergies were not good candidates for allergy shots and how many could not invest the time for treatment. He was eager to learn the La Crosse Method Protocol, to apply his knowledge to patient treatment, and was excited to join a group of providers who, like himself, were interested in understanding the science and improving patients’ medical options.

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