About Allergy Associates of La Crosse

Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Ltd. is an internationally-recognized allergy clinic that helps patients identify and treat the causes of their allergies through comprehensive diagnostics and personalized allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) taken under the tongue.

Since 1970, we’ve been leaders in innovating and changing allergy outcomes using this safe, effective, well-researched approach to allergy immunotherapy. Our La Crosse Method™ Practice Protocol is a recognized standard of care throughout the U.S.

Only about 5% of allergy sufferers receive immunotherapy – shots or drops – the only way to retrain the immune system so allergic reactions are greatly reduced or eliminated. Our mission is to offer a safe, affordable alternative to allergy shots that is accessible to all allergy sufferers.

Using this method of allergy drop immunotherapy, we are helping more people change their allergic disease—even those who aren’t candidates for allergy shots including:

Dr. Theodoropolous with a toddler patient

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Success Stories

I “developed” allergies the first year I went to college. Before the change in environment, I never noticed allergies or they never impacted my quality of life. Upon moving to La Crosse, I noticed for the first time that I didn’t feel well in the late summer and early fall. I wasn’t sure what it…
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