Dr. Theodoropolous with a toddler patient

Demetrios Theodoropoulos, MD, DSc, MSc, FACMG, FAAP, ABAI, graduated from the Medical School of the Ioannina University, Greece. He is Board certified in Pediatrics, Medical Genetics and Allergy-Immunology following residency/fellowship training in England and the United States. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and a Doctor of Science from the University of Crete, Greece. He has held academic positions at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, and University of Wisconsin - Madison.

His practice covers the entire clinical spectrum of Allergy and Clinical Immunology with special emphasis on:

He continues his independent clinical research in the fields of immune tolerance, mucosal immunity and neuro-immunology.

One of the immediate outcomes of Dr. Theodoropoulos' research work is the development of sublingual/oral immunotherapy techniques for managing food allergy. With his assistance, patients with histories of anaphylactic reactions to peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, milk and other foods have been successfully treated and desensitized, and live without the fear of accidental exposures.

Another area of unique expertise within the specialty of Allergy-Immunology is the use of neuromodulation and/or immune modification in managing chronic headaches associated with chronic sinusitis, as well as in various other conditions where mucosal immunity is impaired and neuropathic pain is involved. Published work in this field is available in the public domain (PubMed).

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