Take control & treat the cause of your allergies with personalized allergy drops


Take control & treat the cause of your allergies with personalized allergy drops

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Allergy solutions without the shots

Patient Stories

Our waiting rooms have hosted allergy sufferers from all 50 states, nearly every continent, and all walks of life. Hear from some of our patients about how allergy drop treatment has helped them live a fuller life. Hear from our patients »

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About Us

Allergy Associates of La Crosse, Ltd. is an internationally-recognized allergy clinic that helps you identify and treat the cause of your allergies — not just the symptoms — through allergy drops taken under the tongue. Since 1970, we've used this safe, effective, well-researched approach, also known as sublingual immunotherapy, to help people take control of their food and environmental allergies.

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Treating Allergy Conditions

From ever-increasing food allergies to common environmental allergies, our treatment approach using allergy drops administered under the tongue following the La Crosse Method™ Protocol has shown to be effective for a wide variety of allergies and allergy-related conditions:

Outcomes Validated

La Crosse Method Protocol outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate performance in healthcare. Learn more about the validation »

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