Making your visit pleasant, comfortable and free of surprises is our first priority. Before you visit Allergy Associates of La Crosse, we’ll send you information and questionnaires to complete to help make your first visit efficient so we understand your individual “allergic fingerprint.” On the day of your visit, be sure to eat a full, regular meal before your appointment unless you been specifically instructed to fast for testing purposes.

At your first visit:

  1. Your provider will examine you and get a full medical history.
  2. Your provider will order tests to confirm your allergies and level of sensitivity.
  3. Using your test results, your provider will create a personalized plan which typically includes allergy drop immunotherapy to treat your specific allergies. We will custom mix your therapy using FDA-standardized extracts. Depending upon your allergies, you might receive one or two bottles intended to last 90 days. The daily costs for the drops ranges from about $1.77 for inhalants to $2.20 for food allergies*.
  4. Your care team will help you understand your treatment and how to reach your goals. We may recommend environmental or lifestyle changes, nutrition support, or other medications/ supplements to support your treatment.

How long will my appointment take?

Allow 2-4 hours for your first visit. Since allergy is very treatable but requires rechecks to verify your progress, we will require a follow-up in person or virtual visit in three to six months. Follow-up visits are shorter than initial visits.

How long is allergy drop treatment?

Once allergy drop treatment begins, studies show that tolerance can begin within days. Long-term, lasting change typically takes three to five years of treatment for most patients. Because every patient is different and responds uniquely, treatment length varies. Patients with severe or life-threatening allergies may require longer or ongoing treatment.

Some patients report feeling better quickly and can be tempted to stop once symptoms stop. Retraining your immune system for long-term tolerance takes time, so continue treatment until your provider recommends you can stop. Completing the full treatment course is the best way to make sure you've reached long-term, lasting tolerance.

*Please note that prices are subject to change.

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