Why are there three phases of treatment, and why three doses a day?

First, we believe three doses a day versus just once a day is important. Why?


Research and our clinical experience support that frequent daily dosing improves treatment effectiveness. Taking drops three times throughout the day keeps the important dendritic cells under the tongue constantly stimulated so antigen levels don’t fluctuate and trigger reactions.

Second, three marks the phases to build tolerance that lasts. Allergy drop treatment using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol follows these phases:


Initial Oral Tolerance (0-3 months)

Your body adjusts to treatment and symptoms can improve. You may experience minor mouth itching, but this will decrease as tolerance begins.


Symptom Relief (3 months - 2 years)

As symptoms decrease, your body starts to learn allergen tolerance. You might feel tempted to stop your treatment because you feel better, but don’t! By continuing treatment, your body learns long-term tolerance.


Long-term Tolerance (2-5 years*)

As symptoms continue to improve, your body increases its allergen tolerance. This long-term learning is needed to stay symptom-free after treatment. Your provider will determine the final length of treatment.

* Varies based on allergy complexity & adherence. Foods may take longer.

To get the most out of allergy drop immunotherapy, take the drops three times a day, through all three phases for faster, better, and more lasting results.

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