Allergy is the third most common chronic condition among children under the age of 18.1 The rise of food allergy is a growing concern.

A critical benefit of allergy drops is that children – even infants – can be treated safely and effectively at a time when the immune system is still developing. Early treatment can help slow or stop the “allergic march” that can develop into lifelong allergy-related conditions if left untreated.

Food allergy is associated with conditions such as asthma, chronic ill health, and chronic headaches, among others. Historically, food allergy was managed through avoidance, leading many patients to frustration, feelings of inferiority or isolation, accidental exposure, teenage risk-taking behavior, etc.

Allergy drop immunotherapy for food allergens can offer better outcomes, adherence, and safety for many allergic children. Most food allergens respond well to allergy drop immunotherapy following the La Crosse Method Protocol, including common allergens like milk, wheat, and corn, as well as those associated with anaphylactic reactions including peanut, tree nuts, shellfish, and eggs.

Allergy drops for environmental allergens can improve chronic conditions including allergic rhinitisasthma, atopic dermatitis and eczema, and related conditions like chronic ear infections. Because of treatment safety, our clinical success rates, and better adherence with kids and adults, we offer personalize allergy drops as the preferred treatment over allergy shots, or subcutaneous immunotherapy.

Testing pediatric patients for allergies includes a limited amount of skin testing, blood testing for specific antibodies, and clinically supervised food challenges. These combined approaches allow us to accurately diagnosis allergy, guide treatment and assess progress throughout therapy.

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