You have unique allergies. We believe your treatment should be too.

Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, everyone has a unique “allergic fingerprint” made up of a variety of factors — or total load — that together can trigger an allergic reaction.

Using the La Crosse Method, we start with a thorough exam, history, and various testing tools to diagnose what you’re allergic to and how allergic you are to it.

Based on this, we personalize your treatment to your specific sensitivity level to the items that cause your reactions. Your allergy drop immunotherapy is matched exactly to your needs — an optimal dose — that provides enough antigen to help you build tolerance, but not enough to cause unnecessary reactions. As you retrain your immune system to tolerate allergens, we increase treatment strength until you reach long-term tolerance, using testing to monitor progress.

Since most patients have multiple allergies, we treat them all at once. By mixing allergens with a preservative (glycerin), we can treat multiple allergies identified in your testing at the same time without the allergens degrading or interacting with one another as they can with multi-allergen shot therapy, which doesn’t use glycerin for stability.

Total allergic load

Your “total load” can vary by day, week, or year. When the total load is too much for your body to handle, allergic reactions can happen. It’s like a bucket that’s too full – too many factors cause it to spill over — and that’s when symptoms worsen.

Many factors contribute to your total allergic load — a change in environment, hormone changes, illnesses, food allergies or nutritional changes, and stress. Add them up, and they may cause a reaction. Take some away, and you may notice improvement in allergies and symptoms.

Using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol, we dig deeper to consider your “total load” of conditions that allergies can impact and create a personalized plan to find and treat those that prevent you from being at your best.

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Success Stories

“I’ve been coming here for a long time, since I was really little, because I couldn’t eat peanuts, and if I touched certain foods, my skin would break out. I was allergic to cats and dogs. “I had to avoid lots of different places because they might have stuff that I might be allergic to.…
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