Only the La Crosse Method uses a family of dosing strategies personalized for the type and severity of your allergy exposures. Those include:

  • Multi-antigen inhalant drops:

    treat all your environmental allergies at once. Since most allergy sufferers have more than one allergy, most take multi-antigen drops personalized for them based on what they’re allergic to, and how allergic they are to it.

  • Multi-antigen food drops:

    Treat patients with multiple non life-threatening food allergy.

  • Single antigen drops:

    Contain one allergen — dust mite for example, or individual food antigens for those with severe food allergy. Most people are allergic to five to ten things, so single antigen treatment is not typical.

  • Pre-seasonal (rush) single antigen drops:

    Boosters taken along with regular drops eight weeks before peak season for pollens or dust mites. They prep your immune system with stronger doses of strong seasonal allergens so you have milder symptoms during the peak season.

La Crosse Method doses are never one size fits all!

Like your fingerprint, your allergy profile is unique, so your treatment should be, too. Methods that use one-size-fits-all standardized doses may be too high or too low for you.

Allergies vary according to individuals’ specific allergy triggers, lifestyles and exposures. That’s why we personalize therapy to match your specific profile. We match your dose to what’s fits you — not too high to cause reactions, not too low to be ineffective.

Studies show multiple daily dosing may be as — or more — important than a high or lower dose as it keeps the immune system stimulated constantly.

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