One of the safest, most convenient, and effective ways to treat the cause of your allergies is with personalized allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy. Allergy drops can train your body to tolerate the things that cause your allergic reactions.

Based on your allergy tests, medical history and exam, your provider will prescribe drops tailored to your allergies and level of sensitivity that make up your unique allergy fingerprint.

With custom drops delivered to the area under your tongue, which has the largest number of specialized tolerance-building dendritic cells in your body, allergens are introduced in a way that helps your body safely build tolerance.

You will receive treatment in a pump dispenser that delivers a precise, metered dose based on your unique prescription.

To take your first dose, remove the safety clip.

Prime the pump by firmly pressing down, two to three times, until a drop is released. Now your pump is ready to use.

To take your dose, hook the pump over your bottom teeth and press firmly to release the full dose.  Wait 20-30 seconds … the length of the ABC song…and swallow.

Research shows that taking a precise dose three times a day, every day, provides better, faster, and longer-lasting results that stimulate tolerance without creating symptoms.

Most patients take doses during their morning routine, after school, work or mid-day, and just before bed time, If you occasionally miss a dose during the day, take two before bed time. Food and inhalant drops can be taken at the same time. Ask your provider for any specific dosing instructions including those for preseasonal or multiple treatments.

Your dispenser holds enough treatment to last 90 days. Before increasing your dose strength, your provider may request a follow up exam and tests.

Retraining your body’s allergy tolerance follows three phases. In phase one, you might begin to feel better.  As symptoms decrease in phase two, your body takes steps toward changing your allergen tolerance. If you’re tempted to stop treatment because you feel better, don’t! Continue through all three phases so body has the best chance to learn long-term tolerance. This typically takes 3-5 years, but more complex allergies, such as food, may take longer.

Congratulations you’re on your way to taking control of your allergies with precision allergy treatment from Allergy Associates of La Crosse!

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