Treating Hay Fever with Allergy Drops

"I had trouble with hay fever and seasonal allergies in the spring and summer for what I found out was typically grass and ragweed. So June and August were the worst times for me and over-the-counter medicines just weren't doing it and mask it a little bit and then my eyes would swell up.

"Now I get a little bit of itchy eyes, nothing like it was before. Sneezing and runny nose I'll still get a little bit, but again, a few days here and there versus weeks of not so fun times. Vastly better and different.

"I was, I think, around 23 when I came here first and that was still a good age. I mean it's better than 30 and 40 and on. But if I had known that, like age five and six, if I had known this information I would have been on board, and yeah let's get this done."

– Erik

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