Nicholas’ experience with allergy drops as a young child

by mom Noreen

I can never thank Allergy Associates of La Crosse and Dr. Mary Morris enough for the amazing lifestyle difference and peace you have brought my son, Nicholas, and my family.

I recently came across a picture of Nicholas prior to sublingual immunotherapy treatment at Allergy Associates of La Crosse and was taken aback by the open sores on his face. Being a professional chef for 25 years made it more than possible for me to cook from scratch for our family, avoiding all allergens that we knew of at the time. It wasn’t enough.

After just two weeks of treatment with the allergy drops, Nicholas’s open sores disappeared, his mood improved, and his demeanor — formerly clingy and crabby — took a 180 degree turn.

Nicholas has now been through multiple winters with far fewer ear infections and illnesses and no hospitalizations for asthma. I’ve recommended you several times to people in my small town, explaining to them that the trip is well worth the time.

Thank you again. You have changed our lives and made one very active little boy virtually itch-free and very happy.

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