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There is so much below the surface of “allergy” – related chronic conditions, treatment options, tips to make symptoms more bearable. Hear about these allergy topics and more, right From The Desk Of our providers!

What makes a DO unique from an MD?

Dr. Sumona Kabir is the first DO at AAOL. She explains how her training differs and helps her to treat the entire patient — including their complex allergies.

What is the goal of a Graded Oral Food Challenge?

Rebecca Nelson, MSN, RN,, explains why and when a doctor would recommend a Graded Oral Food Challenge for a patient with food allergies.

How are food allergies safely treated with allergy drops?

Allergy drops are custom tailored to each patients unique allergic fingerprint. Doses are high enough to impact the disease, but low enough to not cause unnecessary food allergy reactions.

Why should I see a registered dietitian after being diagnosed with food allergy?

Consulting with a RDN after being diagnosed with a food allergy helps create a patient tailored approach to achieving adequate nutrients.

How can I manage my spring allergies?

Ready or not, spring allergies are coming! How can you control the symptoms for good? Learn about prevention and treatment from Dr. Nicoara.

Why is Vitamin D an important part of allergy care?

Vitamin D has many positive impacts on the body, and can help with the effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy, too. Hear about the many benefits of Vitamin D right From the Desk of Dr. Mary Morris!

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