Allergy drop treatment may cost less than prescriptions and other treatment covered by insurance!

Many patients find that the short-term cost for allergy drops is less than the long-term costs of continued use of medications like antihistamines, antibiotics, biologics, and inhalers. And don’t forget about the days of missed school or work from repeated infections that drastically reduce your quality of life. Sublingual immunotherapy treats the cause of your allergies instead of temporarily masking your allergy symptoms.

Most patients who treat the cause of their allergies with allergy drops report significant savings in medical costs (30-50%), while improving their quality of life and ability to participate in the things they enjoy.

How much will an appointment cost?

Depending on your testing needs, your first visit costs may vary from a typical $750-850, to more complex cases that may cost $1,000-1,400.* Return visits are typically half the cost of a new patient visit.

Average allergy drop treatment costs are approximately $1.77 (environmental allergy drops) to $2.20 (food allergy drops) per day.

Drops compounded using the La Crosse Method Protocol are typically more affordable than other allergy treatment options. Because the doses you take are optimized for your specific allergy needs, unnecessarily higher, and more costly, doses aren’t given. You can also treat multiple allergies at once.

Because sublingual immunotherapy may not be covered by insurers, a portion of the associated costs may require out-of-pocket payment by patients. Despite the out-of-pocket expense, many people find the cost is still typically less than alternatives — even those that are covered by insurance.

*Costs vary based on patient complexity.

Will medical insurance cover the costs?

Insurance coverage varies greatly. Please check with your insurance company directly before your appointment to better understand what will or will not be covered.


You will be responsible for charges not covered by insurance. Patients with flexible spending (FSA) or health savings accounts (HSA) find that this is another helpful way to pay non-covered costs.

Payment Plan

We offer a reasonable payment plan which can spread costs out affordably, as well as a discount for allergy drops paid on the day the order is placed.

Please speak with someone in our business office if you have questions regarding your coverage or payment plans. Call 608.782.2027 or 800.950.9740.

It’s important to consider all of the issues that impact the true cost of allergies, including:

  • Co-pays for prescriptions and over-the-counter medications
  • Deductibles, premiums and co-pays for office visits
  • Treatment procedures (surgeries, etc.) and hospitalizations
  • Lost days from work or school (absenteeism)
  • Lost productivity when symptoms are aggravated (presenteeism)
  • Reduced quality of life and inability to enjoy activities
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