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Bibliography of Sublingual Immunotherapy Publications


The current understanding of clinical efficacy, safety, mechanisms and indications for the use of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) in the treatment of allergies is embodied in the studies, papers and publications referenced in this document. Over 1,000 citations are contained in this bibliography, including hundreds of peer-reviewed studies published since 1995.

Internationally, SLIT is used widely (50% in some European countries), with full regulatory and government backing. U.S. allergy leaders are writing in support of SLIT. (See section 1) The World Health Organization indicated its use in its 1998 position paper. In 2007, for the second time (originally in 2001), an international workgroup, including U.S. allergists, published the ARIA (Allergy Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma) guidelines indicating SLIT as a viable treatment approach. The ARIA paper indicates that not only is there more modern research on SLIT compared to SCIT, but it is also of higher quality in terms of the WHO guidelines for research studies. A Cochrane Review, the most trusted independent, evidence based, meta-analysis organization in the world, released their analysis in 2003 and determined SLIT both safe and effective (see section 1).

Two additional pivotal studies to note are the “10 year study…” showing the long lasting effect of SLIT (see section 1), and the 2004 head-to-head study of SLIT to injection in a double-blind, double-dummy approach (see section 2). Few studies have shown that SLIT was not effective, and those results are equivocal or dated.

Additional research efforts are underway in the U.S. and internationally; this document is updated periodically to include recent publications. Last updated 12/11/20.

Scientific research and related publications
The following pages are a comprehensive bibliography of studies divided into seven categories, with citations presented in chronological order:

  1. Recent Major Texts, Guidelines, Reviews, Papers and Editorials includes more than 300 major position papers
  2. Studies/Abstracts includes over 250 studies
  3. Comparison Studies of Sublingual, Subcutaneous and Other Allergen Therapies
  4. Mechanisms of Sublingual Immunotherapy; current understanding of mucosal immunity
  5. Safety, Quality-of-Life and Adherence Related Studies; growing body of evidence
  6. Other Indications for Treatment; other sensitizations where SLIT has worked
  7. Allergic Trends and Supporting Data

The scrutiny of SLIT has been intense, particularly in the past five to 10 years. The volume of research and its consistency in showing safety and efficacy is evidence of the value of SLIT to patients. We thank you for your interest in this topic and invite you to provide us feedback and let us know if you would like to receive updates of new research and publications as they are added.

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