Drew’s Journey to Living With a Dog

"When he as about a year old we had brought home a puppy. And the weekend that we brought the puppy home, he happened to have a cold. The cold went from a cold to this catastrophic – taking him to the pediatrician daily to check his oxygen saturation levels, and get a steroid shot.

"In my head, as a mom, I thought, I wonder if this is the puppy too. So, we did get rid of the dog about a year after we had her. We really had hoped that we would be able to have a dog someday. Two or three years after we started the treatment, Dr. Mary Morris signed off on us getting a dog. That was a pretty big event."

"That’s my favorite thing that has happened so far, ever since I came here. The dog that we had gotten rid of, the breeder had kept her full sister, and she was having her last litter around the time we were hoping to get approval [from Dr. Mary]. The breeder greeted us and then we went to the backyard. There was this huge place with all these toys for puppies and they were running around. So mom and dad let us run around for a bit. We all agreed that we loved this one with the little red collar the most. We took a bunch of pictures. After the last picture, mom just said, 'Hey guys, that one’s yours!' And mom’s like, 'Yeah! That one’s yours!'"

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