Sublingual Drops Practically Saved My Life

I was born with severe allergies. As an infant, I was allergic to most formulas, and as time when on the list of allergies only progressed.

By the age of five I was covered head to toe in thick and scaly eczema. Parents would stare in the stores, and would not let their children around another child that looked like me.

My parents took me all over to try and find help. We went to local and regional doctors, and when they provided no answers; even went to Mayo Clinic. It was not until we heard about Allergy Associates of La Crosse that anything made a difference.

In 1995, allergy treatments weren't anything close to what they are today, but Allergy Associates and Dr. Morris's sublingual drops practically saved my life.

I tell anyone suffering from allergies to come here if they want answers.

Thank you!

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Success Stories

Lolo’s allergy journey started when she was about 3 months old. She had terrible eczema. She woke up about 8-10 times per night. She had scratches all over her face — rashes on her head, face, chest, arms, legs, and torso. We had tried ALL of the eczema lotions and potions and no perfumes and no…
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