Treating Severe Mold Allergy

"I was referred to Dr. Mary by my allergy doctor back home, who is in Marinette, Wisconsin. It’s about a five hour drive to get here and I was a little worried and skeptical about having to drive that distance, but Dr. Mary is a specialist in mold allergies which was my biggest problem.

"I had started to use my nebulizer up to 4 times a day, my puffers constantly, and I was on prednisone. Four years in a row I had fallen because I get so dizzy in the fall. I broke bones, dislocated my shoulder, I stopped breathing, and Dr. Mary has been miraculous for me. She’s gotten a handle on things.

"I just got back from visiting my grandchildren in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I haven’t been able to go there for a long time because the altitude really affects me. And I spent a week with them without the use of any puffers or any nebulizer. It was awesome."

— Kathleen

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I “developed” allergies the first year I went to college. Before the change in environment, I never noticed allergies or they never impacted my quality of life. Upon moving to La Crosse, I noticed for the first time that I didn’t feel well in the late summer and early fall. I wasn’t sure what it…
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