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Although most people who suffer from allergies and related illnesses can benefit from allergy drops, many people aren’t aware it’s an option. For those whose allergies prevent them from living a full, productive life, allergy drops provide an effective, safe, and cost effective option. Not only does this benefit patients who can’t tolerate or don’t respond to shots or other therapies, it provides tremendous benefits to employers and our entire healthcare system.

Making your visit pleasant, comfortable and free of surprises is our first priority at Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Before you visit the clinic, we’ll send you a packet of information and questionnaires to complete. These will help us make your first visit efficient and prepare us for better understanding your individual “allergic fingerprint.” On the day of your visit, be sure to eat a full, regular meal before your appointment unless you been specifically instructed to fast for testing purposes.

Making your visit a pleasant, comfortable and free of surprises is our first priority at Allergy Associates of La Crosse.

At your first visit:

  1. You’ll meet with your physician for an exam and to get a detailed medical history.
  2. Your physician will order one or more tests to help determine your allergies and level of sensitivity.
  3. Once we have test results, your physician will tailor a treatment approach, which typically includes a custom allergy drop treatment to treat your specific allergies. The drops are mixed by experienced technicians using FDA-standardized extracts. Depending upon your allergies, you might receive one or two bottles intended to last 90 days. The daily patient costs for the drops ranges from about $1.77 for inhalants to $2.20 for food allergies*. Most patients agree that this investment is well worth the long-lasting results and improvement in their quality of life.
  4. Your provider and clinic staff will help you understand your treatment and how to successfully implement it. We’ll also help identify other treatment components, including environmental or lifestyle changes, nutrition support, or which prescriptions or other medications/supplements could support your treatment.

How long will my appointment take?

As a new patient, allow 2-4 hours for your first visit. Since allergy is very treatable but chronic and prone to relapsing, we usually require a follow-up visit three to six months after your initial consultation. Follow-up visits are shorter than initial visits — often less than two hours.

How long is allergy drop treatment?

Once allergy drop treatment has begun, studies show that tolerance can begin within days, while long-term changes require three to five years of treatment for most patients. Because every patient is different and responds uniquely, treatment length varies. Patients with severe or life-threatening allergies may require longer or ongoing treatment.

Some of our patients report feeling better quickly and can be tempted to stop once symptoms stop. Keep in mind that retraining your immune system for long-term tolerance takes time, so continue treatment until your provider recommends you can stop. Completing the full treatment course is the best way to ensure you've reached long-term tolerance and that benefits will last.

*Please note that prices are subject to change.

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