Graded Oral Food Challenge

Graded Oral Food Challenges (GOFC) are the “gold standard” for diagnosing specific food allergies or the absence thereof.A Graded Oral Food Challenge (GOFC) is the “gold standard” for diagnosing specific food allergies or the absence thereof. If your provider determines that you are a candidate based on your history, exam, testing and previous treatment, he or she may recommend a GOFC.

The Graded Oral Food Challenge is a valuable tool for a patient and family to help answer questions about their treatment progress, whether avoidance of foods is necessary or if a food can be reintroduced into the diet in a safe manner.

The challenge will help your doctor:
  • Determine how allergic you may be to a specific food
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of allergy drop treatment
  • Determine if you/your child has outgrown a food allergy

The challenge also provides the diagnostic information that allows your medical team to further modify your treatment.

During a challenge, we test only one food at a time, using a detailed protocol and designated food challenge suite that is closely monitored by a specially trained medical team. The specified food will be given in timed intervals at pre-calculated amounts.

Our challenge protocol integrates the best practices from leading food allergy centers that provide food challenges. Our team and facility are equipped with state-of-the art technology and training to address the many facets of food challenges in a safe, comfortable environment.

For details about the Graded Oral Food Challenge and whether you might be a candidate, please talk with your doctor at your next scheduled visit.

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