How to Prepare for Your Appointment

If you have further questions, please contact us. 608-782-2027 or 800-950-9740.

Here are 9 things you should do before your appointment! Tips, tricks, and must-do's!
  1. Complete your pre-visit paperwork on our online patient portal, mail back to us in advance or bring a completed copy to the appointment.
  2. Follow instructions to stop any medications (such as antihistamines) on the list sent with your patient information, or found on our website: Medication Restrictions for Skin Testing.
  3. Be sure to eat before your appointment. Please do not bring any food items into the clinic without first checking with our staff.
  4. Arrive 20 minutes (30 minutes for families) before your appointment time to complete check in and stay on schedule.
  5. Bring your insurance card.
  6. Bring a list of your medications and your allergy drops to your appointment.
  7. Wear a short sleeved shirt for easy arm access during allergy testing.
  8. Avoid perfumes and scented products.
  9. Write down questions to ask ahead of time so you get the answers you need at your appointment.
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