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Benefits of Allergy Drop Treatment

Related Allergic Conditions are Positively Impacted

Many chronic conditions have an underlying allergic component including asthma, eczema, migraines, and frequent sinus, ear and respiratory infections. Patients find that treating their underlying allergies reduces or eliminates flare ups of their related allergic conditions. Recent research proves this, particularly for those with allergic asthma.

Reduced Medication Use and Overall Costs

With reduced symptoms and related conditions, patients generally need fewer medications to help allergic irritation. Surveys of Allergy Associates of La Crosse patients show up to 50% less medication use after successful allergy drop treatment. This not only saves out-of-pocket costs, but reduces medication side effects. Hear what one patient has to say about this treatment benefit.

Long-Lasting Results

The goal of allergy drop treatment is to build tolerance to offending allergens, which can reduce or eliminate reactions for years to come. Treatment typically lasts three to five years. This can depend on how severe allergies and related allergic conditions are, how well patients follow treatment instructions, and if food allergies are involved — which can follow a different set of goals and timelines. After successful treatment, many are able be safely exposed to their allergens without fear of reaction or onset of severe symptoms. This relatively short-term commitment for treatment can provide long-term results and a big benefit for patients, especially infants and children.

Improved Quality of Life

AAOL patient surveys show that after completing successful treatment, patients miss less time away from work and school due to allergy-related issues. They have fewer allergy-related doctors’ appointments, ER visits, and hospitalizations. Most importantly, they report having an improved quality of life after getting their allergies and related conditions under control.

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