The most common forms of headaches include sinus headache and migraine. Headaches are common complaint for many people, but did you know allergy can be an underlying cause of your headaches?
Sinusitis is the inflammation of the hollow sinus cavities around the cheek bones, found behind the nose and around the eyes.

There are four different sinus cavities found in the human head:

  1. Behind the eyes
  2. Inside the cheekbones
  3. Behind the bridge of the nose
  4. Behind the forehead

Typically sinuses drain through the nose. When a sinus cavity becomes blocked, fluid and pressure can build, causing facial pain and/or headaches. If your headaches are accompanied by symptoms such as itchy watery eyes, sneezing or runny nose, they may be allergy-related.

There is evidence, along with our clinical experience, that suggests food allergy, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis may be triggers for recurrent or persistent migraines. Migraine headaches tend to be throbbing, often on one side of the head and can be aggravated by sunlight, noise, and accompanied by nausea. Some migraines can be provoked by food additives or naturally occurring food chemicals in non-allergic individuals.

The mainstay of treatment for migraines consists of medication to control or prevent inflammation or to treat the migraine episodes. However, for those who have allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, controlling allergies with sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, and medication has often led to significant improvement in their allergies as well as their migraines.

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