Allergy Patient Success Stories

Allergy Associates of La Crosse is not a “salon” clinic for the affluent. Since 1970, the waiting rooms have hosted allergy suffers from 50 states, nearly every continent and all walks of life. A western Congressman heard about the “drop doc” while he grilled burgers and eves-dropped on his neighbor on the other side of the fence. Word-of-mouth brought a former Miss America, a priest, and what sometimes seems like half the population of Clinton, Iowa. Word-of-mouth brought an unemployed father of seven from Minnesota’s Iron Range and many Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. Hear testimonials from some of our patients about how allergy drop treatment has helped them live a fuller life.

Treating Hay Fever with Allergy Drops

After finding minimal relief from over the counter medications, Erik was encouraged to try immunotherapy. His only regret is that he didn’t start treatment earlier in life. Hear Erik tell his story »

Addressing Asthma with Allergy Drops

Kaycee struggled through asthma and allergies for years. After testing and discovering she had strong environmental allergies, she began allergy drop treatment, and has experienced an improvement in her symptoms since. Watch Kaycee’s story »

Being a Kid After Allergy Drop Treatment

Treating the cause of his environmental and food allergies allowed Nathaniel to be a kid. After getting his allergies under control, he is able to eat freely and play at his friends homes safely! Hear Nathaniel tell his story »

Saying Yes to College Even With Severe Food Allergies

Zach suffered with severe food allergies most of his life. He sought treatment for his food allergies and has made huge improvements. Most exciting? He’s going to college and is able to eat at the dining hall with fewer worries. Hear Zach’s story »

Managing Seasonal Allergies with Allergy Drops

Gregory suffered from seasonal allergies, so much so that he felt he missed out on a third of his year. After treating his environmental allergens with sublingual immunotherapy, he has been able to regain his life. Hear Gregory tell his story »

Treating Environmental Allergies Changed Her Hobbies

Amanda suffered from year round environmental allergies; once her outdoor allergies subsided, indoor allergens really kicked in. Hear how her allergy drop treatment has impacted her daily life! Hear Amanda’s story »

Minimizing Sinus Infections With Allergy Drops

Marika experienced 8 sinus infections a year. Find out how she’s doing now after one year of treatment on custom allergy drops. Hear Marika’s story »

Finding a Fix to Pesky Mold Allergy

Lisa’s strongest allergy is to alternaria mold. That allergy landed her in the ER multiple times, and the ICU! Thanks to allergy drop treatment, this is the longest she’s gone without having to go to the ER or be hospitalized. Hear Lisa’s story »

Developing Asthma as an Adult

Like many people, Lois developed asthma as an adult and battled respiratory infection after respiratory infection. She came to AAOL and received treatment for her underlying allergy, and has experienced a dramatic decline in infections and asthma symptoms. Hear it from Lois »

Treating Severe Mold Allergy

Kathleen stopped in to Allergy Associates on her way home from visiting her grandchildren in New Mexico. Because of her severe allergies and asthma, she was never able to stay for long due to the altitude. But this time, she was able to visit her grandchildren without using her inhaler! Hear Kathleen’s story »

Drew’s Journey to Living with a Dog

When Drew was one, his reactions to his puppy were so bad that they had to get rid of the family dog. After 3 years of treatment, Drew was surprised with a new puppy! It’s possible to live healthfully with pets. Hear Drew’s story »

Reintroducing Foods That Once Made Her Sick

After adhering to allergy drop treatment, Sabrina has been able to reintroduce foods into her diet that once made her sick. Her world is now opened up to hamburgers, tacos, and chili! Hear Sabrina tell her story »

Thorough Allergy Testing Reveals More Allergies

Marika was previously tested for allergy at another clinic and was diagnosed with dust and dairy allergy. When she came to Allergy Associates of La Crosse, she was diagnosed with over 15 allergies. Accurate diagnosis can lead to effective treatment! Hear Marika’s story »

Keeping Singing, Ruth!

Ruth credits her ability to sing, play music, and live a full life to her care at Allergy Associates of La Crosse. We’re so happy to hear of stories like hers! Hear Ruth’s story »

More Success Stories:


Eczema and Allergies | Lolo’s Allergy Drop Journey

Lolo’s allergy journey started when she was about 3 months old. She had terrible eczema. She woke up about 8-10 times per night. She had scratches all over her face — rashes on her head, face, chest, arms, legs, and torso. Read the rest of Lolo’s story »


Boy Suffering Severe Allergies Builds Tolerance Through Immunotherapy

For 9-year-old Max Jones, watching what he eats can be a matter of life or death. That’s something his mother found out when he was only 30 days old. Learn how Max is able to now eat more food »


Allergy Drops Help Woman Live Olympic Dreams

As a child, Lindsay Williams was often home-bound due to her horrible allergies. She had sinus surgery and took allergy shots, but nothing seemed to help her until she came to Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Read how Lindsay was able to compete in the Olympics »


Food Allergic Son’s Story with Allergy Drops

Preston was diagnosed with severe food and environmental allergies at only one year of age. Not willing to accept just “living” with his allergies, his mom found Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Learn how Preston, and his brothers, are doing with their allergies »

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